Custodian CMS (CCMS) is a free (MIT License), open-source, content management system for websites that need to provide information in more than one language but without doing it across multiple domains or templates. This is important because splitting content for a site across multiple domains or subdomains can confuse visitors, erode customer confidence in your brand, and negatively impact SEO. (Website content split across multiple subdomains ie: apples.xyzzy.com, banannas.xyzzy.com, and so on, are viewed by search engines as totally separate sites which can reduce your SEO ranking by 50% or more for each subdomain.)

If you live in a multilingual country, provide information, or sell products/services internationally, CCMS's simple templating system can help you build a consistent, easy-to-follow website your visitors can understand in their own language.

Its not a WYSIWYG system or set of pre-built templates for building quick and dirty blogs. It's a tool for real website developers and people that want to build secure, portable, multilingual, websites without a lot of confusing and bloated foundation work in the way.


You can download CCMS from our Github repository using commanline tools, in zip/tar.gz files under releases or using the Custodain CMS Download tool. (Note that only this solution assists you with the downloading, and installing of templates. But in all cases you will still need to go through the actual site setup process once they are in place.)

Message from the founder:

Though CCMS has been around for many years I have not had an opportunity to work on the website until recently. It just hasn't been a priority, and being the sole developer I simply haven't had the time. However, I want to reassure users that I am still here working on the software, and will begin to focus more of my efforts on properly documenting it, and providing examples of how to use it moving forward.

If you have any quesition, I can be reached via info@custodiancms.org or in person on our Discord Channel at https://discord.gg/AA9vrxxyAJ.


Vincent Hallberg (Custodian CMS Founder)

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